fucking XChat..

May 26th, 2007 by Quatrux

It might be not XChat, but I hate when I leave my computer on for several days and am away somewhere.. All the time XChat disconnects and tries to reconnect on Idle it is silent, but when I come back and move the mouse, for all the day I get the fucking pop-ups in windows tray buttons place, “disconnected” and it pops and pops until I fucking restart the computer, fucking Windows, summer will come and after my exams I will fucking burn Windows and will again frequently use Linux! But those pop-ups really get on my nerves, I haven’t found a solution yet..

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I finished 2 semester?

May 25th, 2007 by Quatrux

The weeks were quite fun, yeah.. Again, my session will be quite easy, only three exams to go and summer time to enjoy, my marks are quite good to consider, English 10, Programming C 10, Computer Graphics (Autocad) 10, I think that Databases will be 10 too, as Access and Lotus are very easy to use, especially when you have 3 years experience with MySQL :D , C is also very easy when you have 6 years experience of PHP, Autocad is also easy when you have 4 years experience of Gimp and some other graphics programs and of course some knowledge of geometry and vectors. :) So to continue, I think that Matrix Calculations will be 10 too, I just hope so and Mathematics will be at least 7-8, if everything will be fine, I will really be happy.. But my second curse, third semester in my opinion won’t be as easy as this one.. I didn’t really go to most of lectures, due to I work and drink beer, but I managed to finish fine!

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Serbia won Eurovision 2007

May 13th, 2007 by Quatrux

oh come on, what a fuck is this, did you hear her? is it she or is it he anyways? She fucking won and all that other guys and gays around her, now you want to say that I will need to listen to this song on the radio for one year? one year of fucking Molitva and fuck fuck fuck.. I don’t understand people, they vote for idiots, I rather see someone else there, in fact I rather see nobody there, I wish Eurovision would blow up and everyone would day.. Hell, that Serbia song and she or he, anyways I will call it a she-male, she has a pussy and balls around them with a cock somewhere in the pants.. I won’t listen to Radio and won’t watch TV to not get a chance to hear something about Molitva.

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I hate Eurovision!!!

May 12th, 2007 by Quatrux

I really hate Eurovision, it seems that it is always on, due to this bullshit happens every year and the fucking until every country choose some idiots to go there, it lasts the whole year.. I really think that people who watch this show, I mean Eurovision, are stupid or just doesn’t have anything to do and laughs from the idiots on the TV.. When I tried to watch it, I thought what a fuck, what kind of idiots are shown on TV, professional singers? They look like clowns to me, clowns without balls and clown bitches without tits with an everlasting wet pussy smelling like fish.. This show just makes you more stupid, I really want to kick into the face when people behind me in the bus, behind me in the university, behind me is talking about Eurovision.. I remember when I was in school, even teachers talked about it, what a fuck? Why talk about idiots, their place is in the hospital, I rather see them do something useful, even masturbating or shaving your ass is more useful than Eurovision!!!

So tell me, why people watch the fucking show? This show is for monkeys, but I think monkeys are smart enough to not watch it and go smell some pussy mouths.. In fact, I am currently watching it and am thinking how pathetic the people are, fuck Eurovision, it could be shown every 4 years, that people wouldn’t puke out from it and would need to wait for the fucking thing to happen, I wish a big cock could fuck the Eurovision that it would die.. And I am really mad, so mad that I could hack the TV channels of the world and show myself swearing on Eurovision, that would be something interesting.. So people, if you don’t understand music and like to listen to sounds from different assholes, I mean watching Eurovision, then I think you’re idiots.. Go get some book, read a book, do some maths, drink some beer, visit your family, walk in the park, try to think about it, I mean you won’t die if you think, don’t be afraid to think, because if you are watching Eurovision with interest, then I don’t think that you ever thought about who you are, what you are and why the hell you’re, you brainless idiot Eurovision fan! Fuck you and Fuck you again and yeah Fuck you!!! ;)

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I bought Sony Ericsson K750i

May 6th, 2007 by Quatrux

Sony Ericsson 750i Yeah, I bought a mobile phone, but I don’t really know why, I used to be a fan of Nokia phones, but somehow I moved to Sony Ericsson, this model has a lot of features, is easy to use, I still don’t have any problems with it, except for writing sms, I am not used to Sony layout yet, but soon I will be, all the reviews and everything you want to know about it can be found on google. ;)

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live is really very beautiful

May 5th, 2007 by Quatrux

Yeah, it is really very beautiful, I just thought about it, even thought I thought the other way, it is than you think about it, but when you think in a a better way, live is really beautiful, there is no point to be depressed all the live, just for several months or years, hahaha, fuck you ;)

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no time to do something serious

May 1st, 2007 by Quatrux

No time, I have no time to finish and do everything, so much to do so little time, hope the end will be a happy one for me. ;]

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started playing Warcraft!

April 16th, 2007 by Quatrux

Well, as I am quite an retro gamer and usually only play old games, but usually I don’t play, so due to I didn’t know what to do, I looked up my collection of DOS Games and started playing Warcraft using the good old and simple Dos-box, I finished the first mission quite fast, so I think with time I will play it and finish.. I remember on Amiga I played and finished with cheats and without cheats Dune II, that was really a great game, even though Amiga never had a version of Warcraft, I remember I tried to emulate MacOS on Amiga using Shape Shifter, due to I had an m68k processor as all Amiga’s had or added PPC, anyway, it was quite fast to run MacOS and Play the Mac version of Warcraft, but it annoyed me to emulate, so I never bothered to continue.. Also, Battlecraft had to be the game for Amiga to replace Warcraft, but as I know the project is/was abandon and never really worked as it could, only some demo is available with a map editor from the Aminet.. So I think I will enjoy Warcraft 1 Humans & Orcs ;)

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It is snowing on April

April 7th, 2007 by Quatrux

I thought summer is almost here, it was so hot here in Lithuania on April and the end of March, but now it is really cold, it is fakin April 7 and is snowing.. Even though when the sun comes, it gets quite warm, but not on the sun, with the really cold wind, I really feel the difference..

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April Fools’ Day again

April 1st, 2007 by Quatrux

Time runs quite fast, another year, another April Fool’s Day.. I got fooled several times, but that isn’t nothing special, I don’t really care, but I visited Apex DC++ main site and saw some news, that Apex DC++ version 1.0 was released, didn’t even thought about the fucking fools day :D and downloaded, installed it and yeah, nothing changed, but I noticed it after re-installation, that there is no fucking Apex DC++ version 1.0 yet :P

And as always, Google introduced something, this time it is really evil ;)

Get your self Google Tisp :O

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