PHP Designer 2007

June 3rd, 2007 by Quatrux

I wrote to the author of this software, which now is commercial, but doesn’t cost a lot a feature I want to see in PHP Designer, because without it, it really annoyed me and I was searching for alternative PHP IDE and was unhappy, due to most of those free ones sucked and others were costing to much.. So in the version of 5.3.2 in the changelog I saw my wanted feature.. Before that it could open last opened file or no files or all recent opened files, but it sucked, I wanted to open all the files which were opened before I closed the program, so it now does it and all I can say is that PHP Designer 2007 is one of the best IDE for PHP!

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Site Security ?

April 2nd, 2006 by Quatrux

Every Site wants to be secure ? right ? Well, I think I have overdone, but I feel alright now, I totally rewrote my Quatrux theSite CMS and now it is very secure, in fact I can run several sites on it in different directories.. cool isn’t it ? there are library files which is always used, they are placed in a non public directory, I mean /home/user/private/theSite-library/ which are included with php include function. No one can access that directory except for the owner of the files, ftp user and I made a quite cool chmod for it.

The site runs on one index.php file which has several lines to define stuff, and some files in /dir/ directory which is protected by password using .htaccess so no one can access it except for php, perl etc. all the passwords in settings file are hashed using random hasher numbers and I just check the value and never can know it, but for mysql passwords I made it like this ? decrypt($settings['mysql']['password']); and it returns the value, this function is my own written custom function. The other files is just the template for the site. :)

I made two mysql users for my database, one which is selected when you’re browsing the site, his privileges is only to use SELECT and another who is selected while browsing the Panel, it can SELECT, UPDATE and INSERT and nothing more, my database is frequently backed up automatically if something was changed in the panel. :D

The PHP scripts are written nicely and does not throw any errors, I have changed to xHTML 1.0 Transitional and it is Valid, same as CSS. In Fact I am waiting for CSS 3 version :D and with time I will integrate AJAX on my Panel for easy usage, I have learned javascript, now only need practice. ;)

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Did I start to Learn ?

March 31st, 2006 by Quatrux

Now I am thinking about, did I really start to learn much more ? and work much more too ? I again sleep for only average of 5 hours and usually at day/evening time, due to at night the Internet speed is faster and I can work better. I get up early to read history or physics and do my homework, because at mornings my head is fresh, not like at midnights, when every muscle feels tired. I learned javascript together with html dom and dhtml in about 7 hours, but I still did not use everything particularly, I made some nice ideas how to use js for my panel, but I mainly did this, because of AJAX, I am using AJAX at my panel.

Did I mention that I totally changed my CMS ? now it is called Q SiteCMS which works really nice, now the Panel is much more comfortable and some bugs were removed and eventually a lot of code added, rewritten functions and stuff. The queries to the mysql database got different and I created two users for my mysql database, one which is only allowed to SELECT to view the content and other for the PANEL which is only allowed to SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT and I don’t DELETE anything, I just use TRUE on ‘deleted’ field, TRUE = 1. By the way, I ruined my database online, by running a stupid query, I forgot to add WHERE `id`=’24′ and it changed all of the fields to a same value :D so I needed to use a backup, which hadn’t some articles, I needed to rewrite them :(

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